Food market and retail property development

Based on our extensive experience working in and with the retail industry, Retail Advice offers professional consultancy and assistance in the development, leasing and sale of rental property in shopping malls, town centers, high street shopping areas and big box environments.

Complete solutions or sub-modules


Retail Advice offers solutions in which we join the management team, and thus ensure that strategy, development, construction and leasing planning will take place in close collaboration with our expert consultants. Our expertise includes developing leasing offers in which flat and/or revenue based rates are determined on the base of the individual retail sector’s annual turnover and gross profit rates. This may be combined and implemented in many different ways according to the individual needs and preferences of our clients to ensure the highest possible investment return.


Please read on below to learn more about our areas of expertise, or contact us to discuss how we may assist and collaborate on your project.


We analyze the market, your competitors, general supply and demand.


We collect data and offer options and opportunities.


We develop concepts for the different segments of retailers and customers.

Terms and conditions

We review leasing terms and conditions and calculate operational costs.


We negotiate, draw up and conclude leasing agreements.

We develop and lease several thousand square meters annually.

Therefore we have vast experience with developing and leasing retail properties and food markets, and as such we can offer our valuable experience and input throughout the entire developmental process from concept development to selection, negotiation and leasing of space.

We work discreetly and goal oriented


Our job is to secure a thriving retail location. Based on the given strategy and our analyzes we develop concepts for the different segemnts of retailers and customers, resulting in the terms and conditions for the leasing retailers.


Retail Advice may thus aid in possible disagreements between the parties, inspection and assessment or new or existing retail projects where refurbishing or expansion might be a possibility, participate in creating solutions for the optimal planning and utilization of all rent generating space.


Regardless of whether the given project is concerned with leasing, waiving or development, Retail Advice remains focused on matching the opportunities and the deficiencies of a given market segment. We work proactively and seek out the concepts which may have great opportunities in market segments where they are currently unrepresented.

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Counselling, analysis, experience, gut feeling, fingers on the pulse… We are always at the forefront of retail development and we have remained here for years.


Retail Advice was created by Bjarne Gothenborg, who has extensive experience from the retail industry. His experience stems from both sides of the counter, which allows him to take several perspectives on a given situation, giving him a more flexible approach to retailers, with a mutual understanding of deliberations and the ultimate goal.


Retain Advice has the necessary insight into the ongoing development in the retail industry and has through the years, created and maintained a large network of the different acttors within the retail markets in Denmark and Scandinavia.


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Retail Advice pays no mind to limits of opportunities, rather we see opportunities in what others might deem “almost” impossible – whilst of course having our clients goals at heart.


This is one of the stregths of Retail Advice and we are always willing to discuss the further course of our projects and partnerships.


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