Bjarne Gothenborg


Bjarne Gothenborg was schooled as a grocer and has more than 35 years of experience working in Danish retail, through which he has gathered a broad understanding and wide experience within the different sectors of the industry. On the base of this Bjarne has created a large network of contacts within Danish and international retail store-, convenience- and food and beverage- chains.


Bjarne has experience from both sides of the counter, where different managerial jobs in both small and large businesses have contributed to him acquiring strong capabilities within development, counselling and leasing/sales of especially shopping malls, convenience and service concepts located on both high and pedestrian streets as well as traffic hubs.


Combined, all of this has given Bjarne the ability to keep many balls in the air, combining his overview with his focus on creating durable and well thought out solutions. In times of very demanding problems, Bjarne’s ability for creative and analytical thinking becomes a great asset in creating a basis on which to ensure a satisfactory solution to the given problem and completion of the task at hand.


Recently Bjarne has been engaged in creating masterplans for food markets and shopping malls, planning and acquiring the best possible combination of stores, accessibility and influencing customer flow and optimizing access from street and parking areas.



Ny Østergade 23

DK-1101 København K


CVR nr.: 28 39 00 25


+45 3030 9111